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October 3rd 2023 - Fair Competition Restored for Female Cyclists

MEDIA RELEASE: Cycling New Zealand’s decision to restore fairness for females in cycling is a positive move that has been welcomed by Save Women’s Sports Australasia spokeswoman Ro Edge.

April 13th 2023 - Open Letter to FIFA, and The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Organisers

OPEN LETTER:  Asking FIFA and The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Organisers to provide an assurance that males will not be permitted to play “as women” in the upcoming competition.

March 8th 2023 - IWD Poll Results

MEDIA RELEASE: On International Women’s Day an increasing number of New Zealanders support the protection of women’s categories in sport

December 6th 2022 - Sport NZ confirm fairness and safety of women and girls no longer a priority

MEDIA RELEASE: Sport NZ confirm fairness and safety of women and girls no longer a priority

June 20th 2022 - FINA Decision will Ensure Fairness for Females

MEDIA RELEASE: FINA Decision will Ensure Fairness for Females

The decision by swimming’s international federation, FINA, to adopt a new policy on gender inclusion is welcome and will ensure fairness in competition for women and girls in swimming, Save Women’s Sports spokeswoman Ro Edge says.

“FINA have done the right thing, and brought back fairness for women and girls in competitive swimming. The scientific evidence, public opinion and of course common sense all support this move.

26th November 2021 - Womens Sports Group Blasts IOC on Trans Athlete Failure


Save Womens’ Sports Australasia is scathing of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) ongoing failure to develop a solution for the inclusion of transwomen in sports that also balances the rights of female athletes to safety and fair competition.

8th June 2021 -
MPs asked to make Sport NZ consult on Transgender Guidelines


A petition is asking MPs to make Sport New Zealand consult with sporting associations, clubs and stakeholders on its draft guidelines that would see biological men play in women’s sport.

June 7th 2021 -
Sporting champions ask Government to intervene in closed consultation on inclusion of transgenders in sport


Former Olympic champions and New Zealand representative athletes are calling on the Government to extend and widen Sport New Zealand’s consultation on the participation of transgender athletes in sport. The group of 43 athletes include former Olympians Barbara Kendall, Lorraine Moller and Dean Kent, former Olympic Chef de Mission and Emeritus Professor David Gerrard, and New York marathon winner Alison Roe.

May 7th 2021 - Questions raised about fairness in Olympics qualification criteria


Friday 7 May 2021 – A group advocating for women’s sport, Save Women’s Sport Australasia, have questioned the fairness of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) transgender guidelines, which have enabled New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard to likely become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Tokyo Olympics.

July 24th 2020 - Boxing NZ in women's corner


Wellington 24 July 2020

Save Women’s Sport New Zealand is calling for sporting organisations to follow World Rugby’s lead and prioritise women’s safety, following the leaking of a draft proposal to ban transwomen from women’s rugby.

October 10th 2020 - Female pushback over trans sport rules


Pride in Sports is a charity, a private organisation, that have taken action with wide-sweeping societal impact without any public consultation, community debate, media scrutiny or parliamentary oversight. In short they are operating outside the democratic process while implementing policies that affect over half the population.

October 10th 2020 - World Rugby Adopts Transgender Guidelines


World Rugby have announced they will be adopting the Transgender Eligibility Guidelines that were released for consultation in July, but for international rugby only. They have made some minor amendments, but the guidelines are largely as originally published, which supports the call from many females around the world to keep males out of women’s sport.

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