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The Science of Transgender Women in Sport - Emile Donovon talks to Ross Tucker - RNZ Podcast - August 4 2020

Podcast available here

The science on transgender women in sport, from the person whose scientific work informed World Rugby's controversial new proposed policy. The man who helped write guidelines on transgender players in women’s rugby says he hates that his work has created a platform for people to attack transgender people as cheats....Read the full article here...

Transgender women in the female category of sport: is the male performance advantage removed by testosterone suppression?

by Emma N. Hilton and Tommy R. Lundberg

Dr Emma Hilton - A Women's Place is on the Podium

Professor Alison Heather - Physiology, University of Otago

Save Womens Sport Australasia is part of an international coalition of women's organisations, athletes, and supporters
of women in sport who assert that male athletes should not compete in female sports.

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