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In 2020, Sport NZ engaged an external consultancy firm to create "Guiding Principles for Transgender Participation in Sport", the draft of which was released last month. Save Women's Sport Australasia have been involved in this consultation but are unhappy with the level of consultation with our sporting community. We are also concerned that Sport NZ are prioritising inclusiveness over the fairness, safety and opportunities for female's in sport.


With the support of 67 elite athletes, we are urging Sport NZ to extend the consultation so that those actually impacted by these guidelines have an opportunity to contribute.  We believe if our sporting community are involved in this consultation process we can reach the best possible outcomes that respect and includes our trans-community while insuring fairness safety and opportunities for females in all sporting environments.

Please contact your local, regional, and national sporting associations and share your thoughts. And get in touch with Sport NZ too, so they hear Kiwi's voices.

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